Who is it for?

Permaculture is for anyone seeking ethical, practical, do-able and sustainable solutions to current and future issues (food security, energy descent, disintegration of communities, destructive agricultural practices, loss of responsibility, society failure, etc.).

Come WWOOF with us!

We've made some serious progress in our permaculture setup here on the farm and lots need to be done still! Join us! See our profile on (Host no. NH183).


As well as being a social enterprise, we are a family-run entity that focuses on teaching permaculture and sustainability in New South Wales (Australia), in France and in French-speaking community in Asia Pacific. We've also started teaching to children in school as part of our Living Classroom programmes.

A “social enterprise” means that we are registered on the Australian Business Registry, we pay our taxes, we've got public liability insurance, we undertake continuing education, we remunerate the fabulous people who are working with us, and we give back to our community in the form of labour, sponsorships, scholarships and volunteering (PermaFundPermaculture Central Coast, FIG Coop).

" We are dedicated about empowering individuals becoming actors for positive and sustainable changes that would make their families, communities and cities/villages more autonomous and resilient.

We think that information is the first step of change and that through education and mentoring we can restore the world we live in: future generations have indeed the same rights as us and our forefathers to experience the beauty, the bounty and the uniqueness of planet Earth.

Our bodies are made of the same atoms found in seas, forests and soils… this is our connection to Earth. There is nothing ‘whoo-whoo’ about that. It’s just plain old chemistry.

And that makes us ever so passionate about the knowledge and skills we pass onto our community. "

We design and run educational programmes for Councils, Schools and private operators. We offer permaculture landscape advice, design, mentoring and personalised support. Finally, we teach our skills through various courses that we organise throughout the year.

Last but not least, we are a family. And without the support of each others, Terra Permaculture would not exist.




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Ethical Base

  • Care for the Earth
  • Care for people
  • Share abundance

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